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Dial Indexing Equipment

AES prides itself on being a top tier supplier of factory automation equipment to the manufacturing industry. AES specializes in the design and manufacture of Assembly Dial Systems.

AES indexing systems may include some or all of the following technolgies to accomplish the assembly or test requirments presented by the project:

  • Force and Depth Monitored Part Pressing
  • Pick and Place
  • Lock-Tite Application
  • Orbital Forming
  • Staking and Testing


Dial Indexing - Featured Case Studies
High Volume Casting Body and Steel Tube
Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. :: Dial Index Case Study 2405
Application requires applying a Lock-Tite Sealant to the inside Bore of a Machined Casting and the Insertion of a Steel Tube inside the Bore as well as application of a Three Bond material to the Casting.

Window Lock Assembly
Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. :: Dial Index Case Study 3605
Automatically Assemble lock by dispensing Lock-Tite material to a zinc die cast part and drive fastener into place to allow proper function of the Lock upon completion of assembly.

Solder, Crop, Test and Inspect A Wound Bobbin
Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. :: Dial Index Case Study 2586
Automatically and consistently applying Solder to Terminals Ends via a Dip Solder method while constantly monitoring the integrity of the process.