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AES Industries Served

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AES Industries Served

Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. designs and builds automated systems for a wide range of industries. Our systems have incorporated all types of assembly, testing and inspection techniques. We have built equipment for everything, from automotive electrical components to weather-stripping processing. Whether it is assembling, testing, inspecting or any other service, Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. can handle the needs of your product.

Advanced Engineered Systems employes continuous motion technologies produce consistent, high-speed systems perfect for the ammunition industry. We also have extensive experience in battery system production ranging from alkaline to lithium-ion with our innovative systems running at up to 600 parts per minute. AES has also created automation solutions for such diverse applications such as caramel coating popcorn to assembling spray valve triggers.

Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. can help you solve your most demanding manufacturing challenges. Have a product that’s difficult to handle? We can orient, position, collate and control your product to help make your assembly and packaging operations go as smoothly as possible.

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